Detroit Huafone Technology LLC

Detroit Huafone is located in Bloomfield Hills, the heart Metro Detroit’s Automation Valley.

Since 1997, Detroit Huafone’s parent company has been one of the largest manufacturers of analog and IP-based audio/video intercoms for banking, hospitality, healthcare, educational, correctional and residential applications with multiple brands, we distribute to all 50 states in the US and over 65 countries worldwide.

What We Do

Our mission is to provide advanced technology commercial drive-thru intercom kits for small independent business owners.

With the help of our Innovative Drive-Thru Intercoms, independent businesses will be able to give their best service to their customers. It will help them gain more patron customers who appreciate their great quick service. Their service will be able to compete with and compare to large chain stores.

Our Mission

Detroit Huafone specialized in designing and manufacturing advance technology commercial intercom kits for small independent businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream/yogurt stores, pharmacy, bakery, drive-thru banks, signage, recycling centers, truck stops and box offices.

These Drive-Thru Intercom Kits are specially designed for these small businesses, to meet their cost and performance needs.

What Our Customers are Saying?

Small business owners like me face unique challenges, and demand reliable communication equipment, without the fancy (and expensive) bells and whistles, to grow our bottom lines.’

Just finished setting up this product. It was so hassle free as everything was included in the kit along with instructions. I never felt i could do it myself and would require an engineer to help me set it up but it was so easy and quick! Just loving it!!!! Thank you huafone.

Good product! Loved the design and finish of the product. The all weather speaker is reliable and audible up to a great extent. Delivery was on time and packing was also good. Would definitely recommend this to my brothers restaurant as well!

Nice unit, fast shipping, great communications, will buy again.

Purchase this product last week and loved the delivery time, the packaging was good and the product was easy to setup. The all-weather loud speaker looks good and is really loud! Thank you, Huafone! Kudos!

Great seller… have bought before and have come back…

Received today. Headset pairing with master is surprisingly easy and fast. Good sound quality.

Compared this system with other $3000+ systems. It turns out this one is perfect for my small restaurant.

Our National Chain Customers