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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Please read the instructions below on how to place an order.

  1. Search for the item you wish to buy.
  2. Tap the “Add to Cart” button.
  3. Once you’re done, click the cart icon at the top right of the page to view your items.
  4. Select the items on cart you wish to order.
  5. Click “Proceed to Check out” to confirmed.
  6. Select your preferred payment method.
  7. Make sure that your order and billing details are correct before proceeding to “Place Order”.
  8. A confirmation text/email will appear once your order has been successfully placed.

How much is the Shipping Fee?

Detroit Huafone uses UPS for orders within the continental United States, and for international orders. Shipping rates will be calculated by UPS calculator at the check out.

Ordered placed before 3:00PM Eastern Time during work days will be shipped out in the same day.

How long will the delivery take?

The delivery time will depend on the UPS shipping method you selected.

Orders placed before 3:00PM Eastern Time during work days will be shipped out in the same day.

How can I track my parcel?

You will receive an automated email containing your parcel’s tracking information when shipment has been made.

You can also track your parcel with your order number via ORDER TRACKER located at the bottom of the page, under INFORMATION

Do the Drive-Thru Kits have a warranty?

Yes, all Drive-Thru Intercom Kits have a one-year warranty.

Where should the speaker be installed?

Speaker should be installed:

  1. Approximately 4-ft up from ground.
  2. Within 3-ft between speaker and the driver.

Note: If your menu board is more than 3-ft from the driver, do not mount speaker to menu board. Use a speaker post.

My speaker location requires longer wires. What to do?

For Kit 1 and Kit 2: Most customers found the included 60-ft Huafone-engineered wires are adequate. However, in case you need additional 30-ft or 60-ft Huafone-engineered extension wires, please visit www.huafone.com.

In the rare case that your speaker location requires longer than 120-ft wires, please contact Huafone Tech Support for more instructions.

For Kit 3: A 10-ft of Cat 5 cable is included for pre-installation system testing. Use your own Cat 5 cable that meets your length requirements, up to 250-ft, for your site.

I am replacing an old intercom. What do you recommend?

Take advantage of your current installed wires. Our Huafone Wiring Retrofit Adaptors Kit’ can convert existing wires and will make your installation much easier at a minimum cost.

Visit www.huafone.com.

I cannot hear customers, and/or customers cannot hear me. Why?

Please check these possible installation errors, step by step:

Step 1 Error: Wrong port is used.
Solution: Ensure 3.5mm speaker wire is plugged into “OUT” port on the back of master station. (Not “MIC”, which is used for recording conversation with optional equipment.)
Step 2: Error: 3.5mm plugs are not plugged-in completely at master station and speaker.
Solution: Check all the plugs.
Step 3: Error: Extension wires are disconnected during wire installation through conduit.
Solution: Tape 3.5mm male end to female end before pulling wires through conduit. Prevent rain and excessive moisture.
Step 4: Error: Speaker is installed too far from customers, too low from ground.
Solution: Please see page 1 for proper speaker location.
Step 5: Error: Headset is not paired properly to master station.
Solution: Please refer to “Quick Start”. Pairing process is not complete until pairing confirmation announcement is heard over headset.
Step 6: Error: Volume Control on master station is turned off.
Solution: Turn the volume knob clockwise to max.
Step 7 Error: MIC1 Push Button on master station is turned off.
Solution: Ensure indicator light above MIC1 button is on.
Step 8: Error: Mute function on headset is accidentally selected.
Solution: Refer to “Quick Start”to unmute headset.
Step 9: Error: SmartSpeaker® privacy feature is activated.
Solution: SmartSpeaker® will automatically turn to mute mode 45 second after the previous customer leaves, until the built-in sensor detects the next customer. During testing, have a second person stand in front of speaker to unmute speaker.

Can I return/refund my product?

For more information about the returns and refund, please refer to the Returns Policy page. Thank you.

If you need support, call our support line at (800) 886-5607 ext.2