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  • Pro Series Wireless Base Station:
    • Touch screen operations
    • Dual-mode operations (wireless or wired communication)
    • Built-in failsafe speaker
    • 3 Programmable and Customizable greetings
    • Selectable two-way privacy positive mute
    • Detachable gooseneck microphone (used for wired mode)
    • Power supply
  • Pro Series Long-Range Ultra-Capacity POS Wireless Headset
    • TTS tone announcements
    • Wireless headset charging station with built-in failsafe battery
    • Charging cable and wall charger
  • Pro Series Speaker Post Assembly
    • 10W weather-resistant vandal-proof loud ProSpeaker®, factory pre-installed/built-in
    • Aluminum weather-resistant vandal-proof ProPanel® 
    • ProPanel weather hood with weather seals
    • All floor mounting hardware
    • Installation template plate
  • CAT 5 Network Cable
    • 10-ft for pre-installation testing
  • RJ45 Network Cable Coupler (optional)



Pro Series wireless/wired dual-mode touch-screen loud speaker intercom system for 

  • All quick-service independent or small chain restaurants, cafeterias, coffee houses, ice cream stores, bakery shops
  • Pharmacy, drug stores
  • Bank drive-thru / drive-up windows
  • Sites & field applications: recycling centers, weigh stations, truck stops
  • Any other places where drive-thru / drive-up / drive-in communication is required


Technical Details:

Pro Series Base Station and Speaker Post:

  • Full-duplex automatic VOX (voice activated), completely hands-free communication for both POS (point of sales) staff and customers
  • Dual mode function allows users to switch on base station the communication modes between wireless mode (thru POS wireless headset) and failsafe wired mode (thru the detachable POS gooseneck microphone and the built-in 3W base station speaker)
  • Pro Series base station has a large 5-inch touch screen for individual volume controls on POS wireless headset and the built-in base station speaker
  • Pro Series base station has a large 5-inch touch screen for individual mute control on POS wireless headset, POS gooseneck microphone, and the built-in base station speaker. This feature provides an additional level of mute controls for privacy considerations, such as HIPPA   
  • One touch operation allows users to play back 3 professionally-recorded customer greets. Greetings are customizable and re-programmable by users.  
  • The built-in ProSpeaker®, factory pre-installed inside the outdoor speaker post, provides 10W loud sound volume for the drive thru service
  • The built-in aluminum unibody weather-resistant, vandal-proof ProPanel®, factory pre-installed inside the outdoor speaker post, automatically unmutes both ProSpeaker® and microphone when a customer arrives, with its built-in sensor. Both the ProSpeaker® and microphone will mute three minutes after customer leaves. 
  • ProPanel® weather hood is included to provide additional weather protection.
  • Plug-N-Play; Quick and easy installation
  • Base station power supply is included
  • 110V electrical output is NOT required for outdoor Pro Series speaker post
  • A Cat 5 network cable is used for better sound quality and ease of installation. 10-ft of Cat 5 cable is included for pre-installation system testing. Use your own Cat 5 cable that meets your length requirements, up to 250-ft, for your site
  • RJ45 network cable coupler is included. Optional
  • All floor mounting hardware is included
  • Floor mounting installation template plate is included

Pro Series POS Wireless Headset

  • Up to 24 hours talk time; up to 600 hours standby time 
  • Up to twice the wireless range of most Bluetooth headsets on the market 
  • Active pairing, easy and fast pairing with base station
  • Noise cancelling dual mic design eliminates 96% of restaurant background noise
  • TTS tone announcements for headset operation status notification 
  • Wireless headset can be worn on left or right ear
  • Durable compact lightweight over-the-head design with booming MIC
  • Adjustable head-strap design allows for a comfortable fit
  • Wireless headset charging station with built-in failsafe battery included
  • Charging cable and wall charger included

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 16 × 16 in

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