Avio Pro Series Speaker Post Assembly (for Kit 3 Only)

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Key Features:

    • 10W weather-resistant vandal-resistant loud ProSpeaker®, factory pre-installed/built-in
    • Aluminum weather-resistant vandal-resistant ProPanel® with customer-sensing auto mute/unmute, factory pre-installed/built-in
    • ProPanel weather hood with weather seals
    • All floor mounting hardware
    • Installation template plate
    • CAT 5 Network Cable
      • 10-ft for pre-installation testing
    • RJ45 Network Cable Coupler (optional)


  • The built-in ProSpeaker®, factory pre-installed inside the outdoor speaker post, provides 10W loud sound volume for the drive thru service
  • The built-in aluminum unibody weather-resistant, vandal-resistant ProPanel®, factory pre-installed inside the outdoor speaker post, automatically unmutes both ProSpeaker® and microphone when a customer arrives, with its built-in sensor. Both the ProSpeaker® and microphone will mute three minutes after customer leaves. 
  • ProPanel® weather hood is included to provide additional weather protection.
  • Plug-N-Play; Quick and easy installation
  • Base station power supply is included
  • 110V electrical output is NOT required for outdoor Pro Series speaker post
  • A Cat 5 network cable is used for better sound quality and ease of installation. 10-ft of Cat 5 cable is included for pre-installation system testing. Use your own Cat 5 cable that meets your length requirements, up to 250-ft, for your site
  • RJ45 network cable coupler is included. Optional
  • All floor mounting hardware is included
  • Floor mounting installation template plate is included

Additional information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 11 × 5 in