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The capital and operating expenses are one of the top worries of small business owners especially, to those who are just starting out. The constant worry often leads to mistakes in certain decisions like purchasing the right equipment for their businesses. If you have not reached your break-even point in your business yet, you may have the tendency to keep your expenditure as little as possible and more often than not, the quality of the equipment suffers.
One example of an equipment that most business owners spend on is the speaker for their Drive-Thru Intercoms. This time we’ll discuss the difference between a Knock-off Speaker and an original Huafone Speaker and why investing in Knock-Offs is a BIG NO-NO in the business world.


Most of the small business owners who invested in a knock-off speaker complained of the poor sound quality with too much static which often caused difficulties in communication.
An original Huafone speaker provides a good, crisp, and clear sound. Your communication with your customer can be smoothly completed with the use of a good speaker.


A knock-off speaker often crashes when the weather changes. It can also short-circuit and just quit working after a few showers of rain. You can lose customers if this happens often.
The original Huafone Speaker boasts of its ability to withstand any kind of weather. It has an Aluminum uni-body that is fully water-proof. Rain or shine, you can depend on the original Huafone Speaker to assist you in your business communication needs.


A knock-off speaker is usually made out of substandard materials that wouldn’t last for long in harsh conditions.
The original Huafone Speaker is made out to be a vandal-proof substation. It is durable and resilient enough to withstand different weather conditions and harsh environment.


Most of the knock-off speakers use double-sided tape to attach the speaker to the wall. It’s unstable and may detach itself after a short time.
The original Huafone Speaker uses a backplate to attach the speaker to the wall safely and firmly. The backplate ensures that the speaker will remain attached to the wall despite any harsh environment conditions.


The companies who sell knock-off speakers usually don’t offer any warranty. These companies usually have a sketchy return and refund policies. It’s because they know that their products do not have the best quality and it may break at any time.
Huafone have a remarkably clear warranty, refund and returns policies posted at the website. The convenience of purchasing a product from a reputable company is that they have a specific team of people who can assist you if you ever had any problem with their products.

Seeing the price of the knock-offs might tempt you to purchase it but remember, it’s only nice at the beginning. You might think that you’ve hit the jackpot because it costs less but you can’t be too sure with its quality. Your business might suffer a larger expense if you choose knock-offs that are often substandard. Always consider the longevity and quality of the equipment along with its price before purchasing anything.

As a business owner, it’s true that you should be prepared to take risks but remember to be a smart risk taker. Naive small business owners will choose an equipment that costs less without knowing anything about it. Meanwhile, smart small business owners know the importance of researching every little detail they could find about the equipment before purchasing it. Research is the key to a successful business. Research always pays off.

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